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Reel Inspiration #5 – Eyegasm

Reel Inspiration is back once more with another article, this time around we haven’t really seen a theme within our selections so we have decided to go with the ever-so original title of EYEGASM!

On a more serious note however, there has been some really nice videos suggested to us over the past few weeks and it is about time that we bring Reel Inspiration back out of the closet.

Theres a few personal things in here, and a few sent in from viewers of Artician Mag – so lets get on with it!

Reel Inspiration #4 – Space Generation

Back with another round of video-inspiration, this time its all about the future!

Reel Inspiration #3 – Cities around the World

This Reel Inspiration is dedicated to the theme of Cities, Do you ever stand back and look around you? What are you surrounded by?

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