Artician Press Releases

Press Releases

  • Artician Labs is here Monday March 23rd, 2009 - Artician's official blog is now here! "Artician Labs" is built on the new and upcoming groups platform that will be released on Artician within the next few weeks. Artician's blog will take place of the previous method of making global announcements through the discussion forum. Artician Labs aims to inform users of new features, and important announcements on Artician, and will be updated regularly. We will also be allowing public user participation in providing feedback and suggestions. We hope that Artician Labs will provide a more profound environment for Artician staff to collaborate, as well as a friendlier method of keeping the community up to date....Read More.
  • Launches! Empowering Artists, Designers, and Creative Talent Around the World. Tuesday, January 28th, 2009 - -, a new community for creative professionals, has introduced a new service to allow artists, designers, photographers, and other likeminded individuals to build completely personalized portfolios for free. The service aims to provide an effortless way for anyone to create and manage a portfolio in a professional or personal environment. strives to promote creative talent by featuring individuals and their work to gain exposure and recognition....Read More.

Other Press

  • Digg Article Artician releases a fully featured alternative to DeviantArt with unlimited storage space and a fully customizable portfolio system. If you're an Artist, Designer, Photographer or other creative individual, you should come see how Artician can help you build your portfolio, promote your work, and expand your creative network - best of all it's free...Read More.

  • Article Artician seems like a more polished implementation of the same concept behind MyFolio. Artician will appeal to creative professionals because it seems crafted, top to bottom, by designers who really care about their work...Artician is a fully functional network that will seem like a breath of fresh air to bitter deviantArt vets...Read More.

  • Web Worker Daily Article Because it's designed for creative people, Artician also gives you ample opportunity to flex that creative muscle. You can customize your profile in a number of ways, but the best feature is probably custom CSS editing and creation, which is available without any additional cost...Read More.

  • Lockergnome Article Artician is a new community for creative professionals! They make it easy for anyone to build, manage and customize their portfolio. They also promote and feature creative talent, showing your work to the World!...Artician makes creativity come alive. Art should speak to you...You'll find things that you find absolutely amazing on Artician, I promise...Read More.

  • Creative Bits Article, a new community for creative professionals, allows designers, artists, photographers, and other creative individuals to build completely personalized portfolios for free. It aims to provide an effortless way for designers to create and manage a portfolio in a professional or personal environment. You can customize pretty much every aspect of your portfolio...Read More.

  • Blog Full Bliss Article Artician is a powerful social tool that allows people from around the world to share their enthusiasm for creative expression be it Art, Photography, Designs and Interfaces, Blogging, Discussion, Music, or Video - We're gonna' show off your work to the world. Artician always provides recognition to the broad range of user talent within Artician. Artician also features and sponsors...Read More.


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